Alfred Eaker - Writer, Producer, Editing Supervisor, Casting Director, Narration, and Director.

Cheryl Townsend - Co-Director, Associate producer, Visual Artist, Narration, Casting Director, Locations, story development, and actor in the role of Jesus.

Michael Basinski - Visual work, Recorded work, Assistant director, Narration, Story development, and actor in the role of God.

John M. Bennett - Visual work, recorded work, Narration, and actor in the role of Satan.

Nick Hess - Cameras, Assistant Director, Associate Producer, Assistant Editor.

Todd Coe - Visual Artist, Assistant Director, Cameras.

Other Actors - Fr. Justin Belitz, Greg Brown, Carla Knopp, Dan McNeal, Jan Scott Boyer, Aung Chin Win Aung, Gaar Scott, Kellie Parker, PinkFreud and BlueMahler, Joe Griffith, Dr. John Gallagher. Bios coming soon!


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